LCN Newsletter: November, 2021

Coming from the school of valuing celebration, this month is a special one for LCN. Ahel celebrated 10 years last week, and the Institute for Change Leaders is celebrating 5 years today! As organizers, recognizing and honoring contributions, successes, accomplishments, and milestones is always a meaningful moment. Moments of celebration are a great opportunity to

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LCN Newsletter: September, 2021

As much as this pandemic has created isolation, it has also connected us in a global unlearning and has reshaped our awareness of what matters most. For LCN, one of the most exciting aspects of 2021 has been the global journeys we have taken to various regions. While intentional seeding and support of regional and

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LCN Newsletter: May, 2021

House meetings are more than just gatherings. They’re places where communities express their commitments to shared values and strategy. This month we’re excited to share that our fantastic House Meeting Guide is now available in our public resource center! This guide will help you plan, prepare, and facilitate house meetings so that more people in

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LCN Newsletter: April, 2021

On March 14th, we celebrated Marshall Ganz’s birthday and his progressive activism, community organizing, and mentorship! Over 600 people from Australia, China, Jordan, Mexico, all time zones across the U.S., and so many more locations around the world came to attend the celebration. We are deeply thankful for the generous contributions made to the Leading

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LCN Newsletter: March, 2021

Beginning of this year, we launched an intensive strategizing process to determine our direction in shaping the future of the Leading Change Network and our role in global organizing for expanding the civic space. It has been a very active month for the LCN community, and we’re really excited to share with you great news,

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Faces of Change with Arisha Hatch

In our latest Faces of Change podcast, Marshall Ganz sat down with Arisha Hatch, the Vice President and Managing Director of Campaigns at Color of Change. Color of Change is the United States largest digital racial justice organization, with over 1.7 million members. They are on a mission to empower black communities to organize to

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What has LCN in store for you this month?

Now that 2020 is behind us (psst - check out last year’s community successes and highlights if you missed it!) LCN is back and in high gear to offset the disruptions of last year and take lead in helping the organizing community kick-start January in full swing and set the mode for the remainder of

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2 years of building LCN as an organizing organization – lessons learned

LCN’s outgoing Executive Director Ana Babovic shares the organizing approach used to relaunch LCN As I step down as Executive Director of the Leading Change Network to support the building of democracy in Serbia, I wanted to share with you how we approached the building of our community. This summer marks two years since we

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