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Athar Podcast Season Two (Listen) أثر بودكاست | الموسم الثاني

Athar podcast tells stories of collective action that have brought about success in the Arab world. Each episode features a different campaign, movement, or collective that has organized for change. The podcast also explores the challenges and successes of these movements, and offers insights into how people power can be built and sustained.

Community Organizing Against Child Marriage: Let Me Keep My Childhood “La Tkabrouna” – دراسة حالة: حملة لا كبرونا بعدنا صغار (English and Arabic)

Led by Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the La Tkabruna (Let Me Keep My Childhood) campaign succeeded in canceling 60 engagements and postponing 55 marriages of girls under the age of 18!

موارد لتدريس الرواية العامة في السياق العربي – Resources for Teaching Public Narrative (Arabic)

موارد متعددة من عروض وفيديوهات وتمارين لتعليم القصة العامة باللغة العربية. Culturally-adapted presentations, videos, and exercises to teach Public Narrative in Arabic.

Amr El Afifi, Deputy Director of Development for The Freedom Initiative, tells his Story of Self, Us and Now (Video)

Watch a story of self, us and now by Amr El Afifi, Deputy Director of Development for The Freedom Initiative, a U.S-based non-partisan human rights organization that advocates for the freedom of those wrongfully detained across the Middle East and North Africa.

Marshall Ganz interviews Nisreen Haj Ahmad, Director of Ahel – Faces of Change Podcast Series (Video and Audio)

Marshall Ganz sat down with Nisreen to explore her journey to leadership — from a young girl forced to leave Palestine with her family, to returning years later to advise the Palestinian team on peace negotiations with Israel and then discovering the power of organizing and committing herself to building new civic leadership across the Middle East.

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