Join Leading Change Network (LCN) learning spaces to connect with organizers and leaders from around the world.  It offer a collective learning experience to develop your capacity for community organizing, public narrative, leadership, and action based on the practices of Marshall Ganz and his associates!

Skill Practice Session on Coaching

  Come practice your coaching skills with us! Coaching is critical for us organizers and leaders - it enables ourselves and others to reflect and learn from our experiences; and empower us as we take a step forward to overcome the challenges that emerge in our organizing and leadership work. By developing our coaching skills,

Special showcase: LCN Public Narrative Coaching Training

What if we could cascade storytelling practices into every organization and community? What if every community was connected deeply to their values? Last summer, LCN ran a first-of-its-kind training program for Public Narrative participants to become Public Narrative coaches! Over the course of 7 weeks, 30 leaders from 12 countries came together to embark on