Our programs

LCN focuses on supporting and building leadership capacity for effective community organizing through advancing the framework, giving access to knowledge, coaching campaigns, workshops, support seeding hubs globally, and by convening a community of practice.

Teaching organizing & increasing teaching capacity

We provide tools that introduce leadership practices, and we grow trainers and coaches through a systematic approach of talent identification and cultivation.

Our objective in teaching is to meet people where they are, in our capacity building opportunities, by sharing our extensive resources learning from practice through online courses, workshops, and our resource center.

LCN provides the following learning opportunities on various spots around the globe and in different languages.

– Quarterly Orientation to Organizing
– Quarterly skills sessions
– Tailored community organizing workshops
– Tailor made Public Narrative workshops
– Advanced training the trainers
– Advanced training of coaches

Coaching and Support

Coaching plays a pivotal role in the development of our practice by providing insights and feedback to reflect and learn from it; and empower us as we take a step forward with our practice.

We coach leaders, campaigns, and organizations on organizing practices and with their teaching and adapting the framework.

Organizing a campaign is not a walk in the park, challenges on structure, strategy and teams always emerge. Building curriculums to build the capacity of others and adapt the framework to various constituencies is also often much trickier than anticipated. At LCN we offer organizations and individuals coaching support to coach narrative, campaigns and organizing curriculums.

Growing a Community of Practice

Connecting a global community of leaders for ongoing learning and empowerment.

LCN’s community is diverse and spread across more than 75 countries and multiple domains. From people and organizations working with communities on issues like labor rights, climate change, health care, gender rights and gun violence, to people and organizations using public narrative or community organizing to change complex systems from within.

We create spaces for our community to come together, connect, and learn from each other & their experiences on the ground.

Our Community of Practice provides the space for members to:
– Learn with and from one another by sharing their experiences & questions
– Experiment & innovate by exploring new approaches, adaptations of our pedagogy, tactics and strategies
– Build relationships and collaborate with other organizers and educators
– Find opportunities to exchange knowledge and collaborate with others.

Advancing leadership practices and expanding its accessibility

We document framework successes and provide opportunities for evaluating, further developing, and learning from adaptations.

In the past few months, we partnered with organizations and individuals in the field to collate and curate invaluable community organizing resources and present them to our members and the public to help expand their knowledge and expertise.

Our resource center, combined with our tailored workshops and diverse events that bring together organizers and experts from around the world, will help those aspiring to learn community organizing to create change in their communities and attain their goals through time-tested, constantly evolving methodologies rooted in our pedagogy.

LCN Resource center

A continuously evolving and growing resource center, developed in partnership with organizations and individuals in the field who supported us to collate and curate invaluable community organizing resources and present them to our members and the public to help expand their knowledge and expertise.

Seeding Global Structures

Almost in every field, decentralization brings autonomy, agility, and growth. At LCN, we believe that it also unleashes creativity, leadership development, and most importantly, it empowers those in the field working passionately towards their goals.

We champion decentralization by supporting the formation and development of regional and thematic entities to bring the community organizing framework to a broader audience. At the same time, the journeys of those entities would provide the wider organizing community with a wealth of local knowledge, practices, and adaptations beneficial to the continuous development and advancement of our framework.

LCN is proud to be an umbrella for seven regional and thematic groups deeply rooted in our network and flourished through our unwavering support.

If you are interested in launching your organizing community group, don’t hesitate to contact us.