Our programs

LCN Community of Practice

Every day, all around the world, our members are organizing communities to achieve change that they deeply care about, and adapting the practices into diverse contexts. Through our Community of Practice program we connect a global community of leaders for ongoing learning and empowerment.

‘How to’ series

Our ‘How To’ series helps you develop best practice approaches for addressing common campaign challenges. We bring together campaign leaders from LCN’s community who are involved in organizing and developing leadership all over the world to share about their work, their challenges, and learnings. These are interactive sessions that provide space to learn from tried and tested practice and engage directly with the leaders of those campaigns.

Training showcases

Trainers and educators around the world are working to develop leadership and organizing capacity in diverse contexts. Our training showcases is a space to learn about the different ways people are teaching organizing and Public Narrative, whether it’s adapting the trainings online or for a specific community, or designing them to better support work on the ground.

Skill Practice sessions

Developing our organizing muscles requires continuous practice! Skill Practice sessions provide a space for community members to get on the bike together and put their organizing skills into practice, whether that is coaching others’ leadership, developing your public narrative, or building relationships based on shared values!

Meet & Connect

Our monthly Meet & Connect provides opportunities for people to connect with other leaders and practitioners who are leading change all over the world, working on diverse issues from health to racial justice to climate change.

‘Organizations learn’ series

Our community has organizations around the world who are training and practicing the organizing and Public Narrative pedagogy in order to build power to create change in their communities, regions, and countries. Our ‘organizations learn’ series is a space dedicated to sharing and learning from the unique challenges and best practices of these organizations, across diverse topics ranging from questions around scale and structure to introducing organizing in socioculturally relevant ways.

LCN Community Groups

Our Community Groups bring together people who share something in common (ie geographical location, issues and topics of interest, desire to deepen certain skills, etc.) and are committed to learning together and supporting each other. Groups meet regularly, share their experience, get inspiration from one another and strategize on how to work together and amplify their work. They may also hold trainings and events together to build capacity in their specific communities and regions.

Right now LCN has groups bringing together people in the following areas and topics:

-> LCN Europe
-> LCN Afrika
-> LCN Australia
-> LCN Latin America
-> Public Narrative practice group
-> Public Narrative coaches group
-> Organizing for Health

If you’d like to suggest a learning session or are interested in starting a group of your own, contact us!