About us

“Leadership is enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty.”

—Marshall Ganz

Our People

We are movements, organizations, leaders, organizers, researchers, educators, practitioners and institutions from 75 different countries who consolidate, grow and sustain our power. Adopting and adapting part or all of the community organizing practices across the globe. Together turning our stories into sources of power, dreaming of a more just world and working internationally and strategically towards it with a solid relationship fabric.

Our compass

Our values

We stand for freedom and justice as our guiding values, and work towards building agency, courage, and solidarity for a more just, democratic and sustainable world.

Our core purpose towards that is enabling people power by developing leaders who can organize their communities for change in ways that center people’s stories and aspirations.

Our work stems from a deep belief in interconnectedness that strives and organizes for freedom and justice collaboratively and collectively, until everyone is free.

We act with utmost thoughtfulness, empathy and courage at all times, ensuring we make courageous choices and committing to meaningful, quality and nuance in all our work.

We constantly and actively learn on this journey by constantly evaluating our work, learning from our failures, and learning from and with each other.

We do all of this with a spirit of joy, generosity and hope, celebrating each others’ success, encouraging growth and leadership even when going gets tough, and facilitating global solidarity and support with a spirit of unabashed and active hopefulness.

Our story


Board of directors

Marshall Ganz
Marshall GanzSenior Lecturer in Public Policy at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Jennifer McCrea
Jennifer McCreaSenior Research Fellow at the Hauser Institute for Civil Society at Harvard University and a Faculty Chair for Exponential Fundraising Course at Harvard
Ian Simmons
Ian SimmonsFounder and President of the Foundation for Civic Leadership

LCN team

Mais Irqsusi
Mais IrqsusiExecutive Director
Sachiko Osawa
Sachiko OsawaMembership Engagement & CoP Coordinator
Mariana Garza
Mariana GarzaCommunications Coordinator
Reem Khashman
Reem KhashmanResource Center Coordinator
Céline Lebrun Shaat
Céline Lebrun ShaatTraining for Trainers Program Coordinator
Jafrin Akhtar
Jafrin AkhtarAdministrative Assistant
Alyssa Constant
Alyssa ConstantAccountant
Imran Sarwar
Imran SarwarHead of Expansion
Abdelrahman ElGendy
Abdelrahman ElGendyContent Writer and Editor

Our supporters

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative CZI | Marshall Ganz | ImpactAssets | Jennifer McCrea | Anthony Barash & Terri Hanson | Lisa Renstrom & Robert Perkowitz | Rebecca Henderson | The Conway Family Charitable Fund | The Omidyar Group | Kelsey Wirth & Samuel Myers