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Welcome to the Leading Change Network Resource Center!

Over the past few years, our network expanded exponentially, crossing geographic boundaries to cover the global map; and with this growth came the creation of invaluable resources that are now considered the cornerstone literature on the community organizing framework.

In the past few months, we partnered with organizations and individuals in the field to collate and curate invaluable community organizing resources, to further develop our existing resource center to become a full-fledged online library and a trusted go-to destination for relevant and constantly updated content on Leadership, Organizing, and Public Narrative.

Since its founding, LCN has been keen on connecting individuals practising and learning the community organizing framework to expand their knowledge and share their journeys, expertise, and resources to benefit and advance the community.

With the launch of our new resource center, we present LCN members with unrestricted access to the resources in this section! Please make sure you are logged in for uninterrupted access.

Some of the resources are available to the general public; if you would like unrestricted access to the invaluable resources, we encourage you to become an LCN member and join a global network of like-minded individuals seeking to make a change in their part of the world.

Note: The contents of this Resource Center have been added in good faith. Please contact us if you see something here that you believe shouldn’t be shared or licensed differently. Furthermore, LCN is keen on developing and advancing the community organizing literature in partnership with the community, so please contact us if you want to share relevant content or ideas you want to explore with us to benefit the community.

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Campaign and Movement building

Featured resources:

Organizando: pueblo, poder y cambio (Spanish Edition)

MARSHALL GANZ creció en Bakersfield, California, donde su padre fue rabino; y su madre, docente. Ingresó a la Universidad de Harvard en 1960 y dejó la facultad un año antes de graduarse para unirse al Movimiento por los Derechos Civiles. En 1965 se unió a César Chávez para trabajar durante dieciséis años en la sindicalización de los campesinos de California. En 2008 contribuyó con estrategias innovadoras a la campaña presidencial de Obama. En 1991, tras una “licencia” de veintiocho años, regresó a Harvard para terminar la universidad y graduarse como Máster en Administración Pública (1993) y Doctor en Sociología (2000).

Case Study: Let Me Keep My Childhood “La Tkabrouna”

Sine 2019 Ahel was coaching and training the campaign "Let Me Keep My Childhood" in Lebanon with cooperation with Women Now organization. In 2022, this case study was published to document the journey of the campaign which faced economic and cultural challenges   This case study documents the experience of the “Let Me Keep My Childhood” campaign, which succeeded in using community organizing to stop 60 marriages and postponing 55 engagements for a Syrian girl under the age of 18, in the central Bekaa region in Lebanon. The study narrates the sequence of the campaign in choosing its strategic goal,

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