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Welcome to the Leading Change Network Resource Center!

The Leading Change Network (LCN) Resource Center is a diverse, multilingual collection of community organizing resources comprising training plans and slides, case studies, example videos, visuals and charts, curated guides, and much more.

The Resource Center has been curated and built through generous contributions from our community; if you put the organizing framework into practice and/or make any adaptations, please share your resources with the LCN community—we welcome contributions in all languages, formats and contexts.

Some of the resources are available to the general public; if you would like unrestricted access to the invaluable resources, we encourage you to become an LCN member and join a global network of like-minded individuals seeking to make a change in their part of the world.


“One of the unique things I think about this network that it is very generative, it is not only taking this thing and do it over and over again, they adapt, they innovate they change, the put it in different languages, it is very generative about what we do, the challenge was to keep up with it, this resource center is a big step towards making this happen”

Marshall Ganz, 11th January 2022, Celebration of the Launch of the resource center

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Note: The contents of this Resource Center have been added in good faith. Please contact us if you see something here that you believe shouldn’t be shared or licensed differently.