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This curated guide is a compilation of the primary resources available on LCN's Resource Center about Organizing. It includes videos, articles, and other tools.

Introductions and Overviews

The LCN Resource Center is organized by three overarching topics: Organizing, Narrative, and Campaign and Movement Building. This is a curated a guide on Organizing. You can find hundreds of materials on Organizing outside this curated guide by browsing the whole topic where you will have options to refine the results by clicking on ‘Refine by Region’, ‘Refine by Format’ etc on the right hand-side.

Organizers identify, recruit and develop leadership; build community around leadership; and build power out of community. Organizers challenge people to act on behalf of shared values and interests. – Marshall Ganz

Guides and Manuals

Mobilizing others to achieve purpose under conditions of uncertainty— what leaders do—challenges the hands, the head, and the heart. – Marshall Ganz

Tools and Graphics


Training resources

There’s a real sweet spot between challenge and hope – leaders make pathways that keep both firmly in view. -Marshall Ganz

Videos and Podcasts

Organizing Practices

Public Narrative

Building Relationships

One and Ones

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House Meetings

Team Building


Creating Strategy


Organizing resources in different languages


When we consider action in the face of uncertainty, we have to ask ourselves three questions: why must we act, how can we act, and what must we learn to do. – Marshall Ganz

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