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Building Youth Feminist Power with(in) Haiyya (Article)

Article by Aprajita Pandey, Haiyya leader speaking about 7 years of experience in leading youth feminist movement


With 2022 we have entered another instrumental year towards our fight for justice, dignity and sustainability. Two years of this long pandemic & sufferings, systemic injustice & ongoing oppression in our face, collapsing democratic institutions & processes, and increasing impact of climate crisis — things do look impossible AND urgent!

As the world changes rapidly around us; our bodies, minds and hearts are experiencing despair, hopelessness and fatigue in a very real sense. What then gives us the hope to go on? What then offers us the courage to show up? What then is the source of our morality? These questions have kept me thinking and up at days and nights.

For some of us it’s a fight for survival & existence, for some of us it’s a fight for what’s right, for some about possibilities to live better, and for some it’s a fight to heal, repair & resolve (Maybe ALL for some).



About Haiyya

Haiyya was founded in 2015, with a vision to rebuild and transform the social fabric of India, where young leaders and their organisations are building grassroots citizen power to strengthen democracy, governance and human rights. We equip social changemakers, organizations and citizen groups to learn, innovate and adapt to the needs of the changemaking landscape. Using cutting edge modern day campaigning and community engagement frameworks, we create a loud thumping voice of participatory, people-powered programs. Haiyya is an LCN organizational member and a major contributor to the work of organizing in India and Asia.

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