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LCN membership is open to all those interested in community organizing and are versed in our pedagogy! We are your gateway into the world of community organizing and a huge network of like-minded people around the world who want to create change!

Why join LCN?

LCN is a vibrant community of organizers, educators, and researchers from all around the world committed to improving people’s lives through leadership development for social change.

With an LCN membership, you get unparalleled access to our resources, network, LCN regular events and the support you need to help you master the craft of organizing and achieving the change you desire in your community.

What are membership types?

We offer two types of memberships:

  1. Individual membership: Suited for those who are familiar with our organizing pedagogy, are practicing it on the ground in some way, and want to continue deepening their knowledge and improving their practice.
  2. Organisational membership: For organizations who are familiar with our pedagogy, want to learn and practice it more and want to support their members’ learning by providing them with the opportunity to access LCN’s network and its resources. Specific benefits for organizations include discounted membership for their alumni, and features in LCN monthly newsletter and annual report.

Membership requirements

Because our work is rooted in the organizing pedagogy developed by Marshall Ganz and colleagues, we want to ensure our members have a good understanding of the pedagogy, and share the same language. That’s why we ask you to first participate in a public narrative or organizing course or workshop based in this framework before applying to become a member.

If you’ve already participated in a course or workshop based in Marshall Ganz’s organizing pedagogy, submit your application below to become a member!

Membership benefits

Build your organizing capacity

Be part of our global community

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Free coaching sessions annually

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Up to 10

Priority partnership on thematic or regional areas

Amplify your work in our communication channels

Discounted membership for your organizing or public narrative workshops alumni to join LCN


Free tickets for Community of Practice events for your staff or volunteers

For registered accounts
For registered accounts
500 free tickets annually

Free tickets for Orientation to Organizing

1 per session (For registered accounts)
5 per session (transferable to your constituency)
10 per session (transferable)
20 per session (transferable)

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US 1,000