Global & Thematic Hubs

We foster leadership and expand the LCN Snowflake by establishing and aiding LCN Global and Thematic Hubs. These structures unite dedicated LCN Members who strive to empower their communities, facilitating collaboration and amplifying their collective strength. LCN Global and Thematic Hubs, formed voluntarily by LCN members, revolve around either geographic or thematic areas, with several evolving into established leadership teams.

Geographical Hubs

LCN Europe

The LCN Europe team has been working with grassroots leaders in Europe since 2020 to build a community organizing infrastructure of resilient, diverse, and powerful movements that win climate protection and enhance policies at local, national and regional levels.

LCN Australia

Since an Organizing workshop in 2020 with Marshall, the LCN Oz team has brought together diverse organizers, fostering relationships and expanding the network. The team is committed to making community organizing a vibrant practice of excellence across the progressive sector in Australia.


Organizers from across the UK, including LCN members, came together for the first time in March 2023, starting an exciting conversation on building an organizing infrastructure across the country and bringing LCN UK to life!


The LCN community in Mexico and across Latin America came together to support the launch of Marshall’s latest Spanish book, “Si Se Puede”, in Dec 2022. Capitalizing on this momentum, the team has fostered a vibrant reading circle and is now gearing up to conduct organizing workshops to cultivate leadership across the region, and launch the LatAm Hub.

Thematic Hubs

LCN Health Justice Community

After learning from multiple workshops and engagements with health professionals since 2021, the Health Justice team is on a mission to build a campaign of health justice campaigns to win, grow, and get better!

LCN Climate Justice Group

The Climate Justice Group came together after the Climate Justice Meetup organized by LCN in 2022. A dedicated team emerged from this event, passionately committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration regarding climate justice between regions in the Global South and North.

Are you interested in starting an LCN Hub in your region?

LCN Global Hubs commit to these 4 principles

Building capacity and leadership in a specific constituency.

With clarity on who their people are, they design and deliver learning experiences that are best suited for their growth.

Growing their own snowflakes and creating scalability.

The teams are committed to increasing their impact and developing teams that are able to lead and take the organizing work forward.

Adapting the organizing framework for their specific context.

Through their experiences, inquiry, and relations, our Hubs and Affiliate Orgs teams bring nuance and context to their teaching and practice of the organizing framework.

Being LCN’s partner – in thought and action – in a specific region or focus area.

This can include representing LCN in a certain region or focus area, partnering with us as specialists on specific contexts, and supporting LCN members invested in the Hubs’ areas of focus.