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Athar Podcast Season Two (Listen) أثر بودكاست | الموسم الثاني

Athar podcast tells stories of collective action that have brought about success in the Arab world. Each episode features a different campaign, movement, or collective that has organized for change. The podcast also explores the challenges and successes of these movements, and offers insights into how people power can be built and sustained.

Vic Hogg Public Narrative Harvard Commencement 2023 (Video)

Vic, a queer and non-binary citizen of the Potawatomi tribe, shares their journey to Harvard and the challenges they faced. Despite their initial struggles, Vic's determination led them to fight for justice and indigenous land rights. However, their path took an unexpected turn when they were shot in a carjacking incident. With the support of loved ones, Vic recovered and learned to walk again. They emphasize the importance of perseverance and taking small steps toward achieving dreams. Vic expresses gratitude for the Harvard community and encourages classmates to support one another. Their story serves as a reminder of resilience and the strength found in unity.

Speak Truth to Power Role play (Video)

Pedja Stojicic and Jacob Waxman are a dynamic duo of community organizers who know how to get things done! They recently teamed up to create a powerful video that shows us how to speak truth to power, even in the most challenging situations. In this video, they use the art of role-playing to demonstrate three different models of how to approach someone in power when making demands

¡Sí se puede!: Estrategias para organizarse y cambiar el mundo (Spanish book)| Yes we Can, Strategies for organizing and changing the world

Acerca del libro "Sí se puede." Esta expresión, que puede suscitar una sonrisa irónica, suele aparecer cuando una causa perdida (sea un partido de beisbol o una campaña política) remonta todos los obstáculos y parece dirigirse hacia una victoria inesperada.

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