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LCN trainers conclude phase 1 of Leadership, Organizing and Action training

The 4th May marked the end of the first phase of the "Leadership, Organizing and Action" training with folks from the Australian Labor Party, Democratic Action Party (Malaysia), E tū union in New Zealand, Mongolian People's Party, Nas Dem Indonesia, and Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, in collaboration with Australian Labor International. The course was taught by

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LCN annual report 2022 has been released

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats because the Leading Change Network annual report 2022 has just been released! This year's report is jam-packed with goodies, including a letter from the one and only Marshall Ganz himself. But that's not all, folks! The report also includes a breakdown of all the amazing LCN programs that

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Public Narrative Coach Training Program to Launch its Second Cohort!

What if we could cascade storytelling practices into every organization and community? What if every community was connected deeply to their values? In August 2023, we launch our second cohort of LCN's premier training program for Public Narrative participants to become Public Narrative coaches! Over the course of 8 weeks this fall, 36 new

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LCN in South East Asia with the Equity Initiative fellows

With narratives, nods, and smiles, 24 leaders from 8 countries began a 3-day organizing workshop last month in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Some of the Equity Initiative fellows had left behind daughters who were sick, and some of them left teams who depended on the fellows to move forward, but all of them brought the spirit

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Si Se Puede! Marshall Ganz returns to Latin America

  After nearly 45 years since his last visit, Marshall Ganz returned to Mexico as part of a Leading Change Network project to quench the thirst of local organizers and grassroots movements with his wealth of information and his unwavering commitment to teaching the Public Narrative and Organizing. At a time of uncertainty, a group

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Global Hubs and Affiliate Organizations Meet-up

Last week we brought together for the first time the LCN Hubs & Affiliate Organizations community - an extraordinary group of organizers and educators who represent the core of our globally connected and locally rooted community! 🌍✊ This community represents regional and thematic groups led by LCN members and independent organizations that are committed to

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LCN Public Narrative Coach Training Program

Launch of the LCN Public Narrative Coach Training Program This summer LCN launched our first ever Public Narrative Coach Training program! Through the program, 30 participants dove deep into the craft of Public Narrative Coaching, emerging with confidence and skill to coach powerful stories of Self, Us, and Now. Participants say this program has created

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LCN Newsletter: September, 2022

Nonstop wars, terrifying floods, worsening climate effects, and a global economic crisis—this summer indeed had an eventful course that the world will take a long time to heal from. But, as organizers, the connections we harbor and nurture amidst us are the major source of light and hope we draw on to face the darkest

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LCN team’s first in-person retreat in Tunisia

The LCN team fell in love with Tunisia as, for the entire last week, it embraced our annual team retreat! The experience was magical—the first in-person gathering after 2 years of working together, with tons of learning, reflecting and dreaming under the welcoming Tunisian sky. ✨ As a global team from 6 different countries,

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