Last week we brought together for the first time the LCN Hubs & Affiliate Organizations community – an extraordinary group of organizers and educators who represent the core of our globally connected and locally rooted community! 🌍✊

This community represents regional and thematic groups led by LCN members and independent organizations that are committed to community organizing, building leadership and power through relations, and bringing the organizing framework to their specific contexts. With current and upcoming Hubs joining the discussion and connecting with each other, we couldn’t contain our excitement on the hope, joy, and potential of this community!

The LCN Health Justice Community, LCN Europe, and LCN Australia teams shared their challenges and successes in building and sustaining leadership teams, and shared how they actualized different programs and tools for their communities, like the Community Organizing Workshop for Health Justice held earlier this year, and the Public Narrative Labs Playbook developed by LCN Europe. Haiyya and Community Organizing Japan shared specific insights from their work with communities in India and Japan respectively, and the impact of bringing an organizing approach to mobilizing their people and building leadership.

We will be building on the momentum from this meetup, with the dream to build a connected and interdependent community of organizers, informed and led by our Hubs and Affiliate Organizations! Are you interested in building a leadership team for an LCN Hub in your region? Get in touch!

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