The LCN team fell in love with Tunisia as, for the entire last week, it embraced our annual team retreat!

The experience was magical—the first in-person gathering after 2 years of working together, with tons of learning, reflecting and dreaming under the welcoming Tunisian sky. ✨

As a global team from 6 different countries, speaking 10 different languages, we faced some challenges obtaining Visas for all team members, yet we ended up successfully conducting a hybrid model.

As Marshall Ganz physically joined us, we unpacked common organizational challenges, connected with each other, and grew our potential as we worked toward a collective dream we all share.

We had the privilege of meeting 15 inspiring Tunisian leaders, alumni of Marshall’s classes at HKS and the Arabic organizing course led by our organizational member Ahel. Organizing diverse projects, the Tunisian leaders engaged with us in exchanging stories of hope and exploring how to create sustainable moments to build people’s power. Their dedication to change through the ten tough transition years in Tunisia inspired our team, so much that the conversation went on as we left the cultural café, engulfing us with hope while we roamed the old allies of Tunis.

Energy still courses through our veins from the rich ideas and conversations—we cannot wait to embark once again on our journey to build the LCN community together!

LCN Europe at the Citizens Participatory University (CPU)
LCN Newsletter: September, 2022