We are excited to announce great news!

Marshall Ganz is launching a new online course: “Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling and Action”, offered through Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education.

We are so happy to see that all the impactful work that professor Ganz and his associates have done in the field of the Public Narrative through the class he teaches at Harvard Kennedy School and workshops implemented around the world will now take the online form and provide an opportunity for people around the world to learn from it.

Ten years ago Marshall Ganz launched “Leadership, Organizing, and Action: Leading change” Online Course at Harvard Kennedy School as part of Executive Education. Over the past decade, this online program has built a network of more than 1000 alumni from 78 countries across the globe, working in a wide array of fields, many of whom are part of the Leading Change Network today.

We are very excited to see the Public Narrative class take the online form and we are looking forward to receiving new members to our community.

To learn more, and apply to this new, online, 14-week program that will strengthen your abilities to lead change visit here.

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In this video, Professor Marshall Ganz explores the power and perception of the “story of self” across cultures.

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