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Community Organizing Against Child Marriage: Let Me Keep My Childhood “La Tkabrouna” – دراسة حالة: حملة لا كبرونا بعدنا صغار (English and Arabic)

Led by Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the La Tkabruna (Let Me Keep My Childhood) campaign succeeded in canceling 60 engagements and postponing 55 marriages of girls under the age of 18!

2020 Public Narrative Impact Survey Overview Report and Public Narrative in Action: Findings from the 2020 Public Narrative Impact Survey (Video)

Public Narrative Impact Survey Report and Video explores how public narrative is being used by individuals as a leadership practice within different domains, and the impact it has had on leadership development at the individual, community, societal, and institutional level.

دراسة حالة حول مسيرة تمكين قياديات حملة قم مع المعلم ٢٠١٥ – ٢٠١٩ – A Case Study of Ahel’s Coaching of Private School Teachers Campaigning for their Rights in Jordan 2015-2019 (Arabic and English)

دراسة حالة توثق المسيرة التمكينية لمعلمات القطاع الخاص في التنظيم من أجل التغيير من قبل مؤسسة أهل للفترة ما بين ٢٠١٥ - ٢٠١٩. A Case Study of Ahel's Coaching of Private School Teachers Campaigning for their Rights in Jordan (2015-2019).

Narrativa Pública sobre Infraestructura y Conservación: La Amazonía como Bien Público – Public Narrative on Infrastructure and Conservation: The Amazon as a Public Good (Spanish)

Taller de Narrativa Publica en Bogota, Colombia sobre la Amazonía como bien público. A Public Narrative workshop in Bogota, Colombia about the Amazon as a public good.

Innovations for adapting public narrative pedagogy to practice in electoral campaigns [Leading Change Network LCN Learning Document]

Learnings and adaptations of the story of self, us and now for the US electoral campaigns by Leading Change Network.

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