Organizing: People, Power and Change (Guide) (Multiple languages)

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A Guide to support you in developing your capacity for effective community organizing. It is available in different languages.


Leadership is accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty

If you have already been engaged with community organizing, then you have certainly heard about the framework of Organizing that Dr. Ganz has developed over the years. Through the years, many people adopted the framework in different context to enhance the community organizing work on ground.

This handbook helps you understand the main 5 practices for community organizing;  Storytelling, Relationship Building, Structuring Teams, Strategizing, and Actions. In addition to coaching to enable leadership.

Table of Contents

4 Foreword
5 Introduction to Organizing
9 Telling Stories
15 Building Relationships
21 Coaching: Enabling Others
25 Structuring Teams
30 Strategizing
36 Acting: Tactics & Timelines
41 Tying It All Together
42 Appendix
a. Worksheet: Developing your public narrative
b. Worksheet: Tracking down the power
c. Worksheet: Coaching stories

This guide is originally adapted from the work of Dr. Marshall Ganz of Harvard University and resources from the Leading Change Network and the New Organizing Institute. Revised by the collective work of individuals working collaboratively from the following organizations: Dogwood Initiative, Leadnow, One Cowichan, the David Suzuki Foundation, Stonehouse Institute, and genius.

Click here  to learn more about organizing and effectively be able to enable yourself and your team of the 5 practices.

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Organizing: People, Power and Change

Other Languages

Spanish – Organizando: pueblo, poder y cambio

It has been translated into Turkish by the Center for Nonviolence

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