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Organizing Twenty-First-Century Activism: From Structure to Strategy in Latin American Social Movements

This article looks at the middle ground between social movements & interest groups by proposing a 3rd structure for social movement organizing, the federative coalition, through a case study of Brazil’s AIDS movement.

أدوات تفاعلية ومواد مرئية حول التنظيم المجتمعي من إعداد أهل – Visual and Explanatory Tools about Community Organising by Ahel (Arabic)

مجموعة من الفيديوهات والمرئيات باللغة العربية من إعداد أهل للتعريف بالتنظيم المجتمعي. A collection of videos and visual guides about community organizing in Arabic by Ahel.

Tactics and timeline: Leadership, Organizing and Action Leading Change workshop, Armenia, November 28-30th, 2018 (Presentation slides)

A presentation about organizing, strategy, and tactics with a case study of Rights for Moms by Serbia on the Move.

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