How Right To Health Action built Replicable Tactics for a Nationwide Health Movement (Mini Case Study)

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There’s incredible power in uniting thousands of experts, health workers, and activists behind strategic health activism and community organizing. It’s this power that helped Jonathan Shaffer, Co-Founder and Organizer for Right to Health Action (R2H), build a grassroots movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this mini case study, we sat down with members of R2H to learn more about the critical role that strategy and tactics play in their overall efforts.


If there’s an organization out there that embodies the strategies and tactics pillar of Ganz’s framework for community organizing, it’s Right to Health Action (R2H). They might show up at the headquarters of a big pharma on the day of a shareholder earnings call, for example, pushing wheelbarrows full of cash. They might hound campaigning politicians about vaccine access. They’re serious about correcting healthcare inequities and unafraid to use powerful and creative strategies to get there. In this case study, we chat with key members of R2H about how they’ve organized and equipped their grassroots movement in the name of breaking the cycle of deadly pandemics.

About Right to Health Action (R2H)

Right to Health Action (R2H) was founded during lockdown in March 2020 by academics, health workers, and global health veterans, brought together by our anger in facing yet another pandemic, once more being made worse by irresponsible government leaders. Since then, it has grown by tens of thousands of COVID survivors and people who lost loved ones in all 50 states to a pandemic that could have been prevented. What has happened will dominate the political landscape for millions of people for years to come. We are the people who will not “get over it” until we have won the changes we need to stop the present pandemic, mark what has happened, support the survivors, and stop the sequel. 

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How Right To Health Action built Replicable Tactics for a Nationwide Health Movement

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