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How Haiyya Builds Engaged Teams for Hight-Impact Campaigns (Mini Case Study)

Haiyya is a remarkable grassroots organization in India. The group conducts their important work based on four central pillars: campaigns; capacity building; consulting; and community networking. Haiyya’s campaigns have focused on everything from climate change to de-stigmatizing healthcare in India. For this case study, we interviewed Sreejani Malakar, Senior Manager of Leadership Development & Curriculum Design at Haiyya, to learn more about the important role that teams and structure play in her organization’s important work.

The Integral Role of Relationships in Right Care Alliance’s Healthcare Activism (Mini Case Study)

For Stephanie Aines and Right Care Alliance (RCA), success is a completely transformed healthcare system. Aines and her community have fought against high insulin costs, advocated for withdrawal of FDA approval for controversial treatments, and coordinated study groups to teach others about why our healthcare system is broken. In this case study, you’ll learn the important role that relationship building has played in RCA’s continued efforts.

How Right To Health Action built Replicable Tactics for a Nationwide Health Movement (Mini Case Study)

There’s incredible power in uniting thousands of experts, health workers, and activists behind strategic health activism and community organizing. It’s this power that helped Jonathan Shaffer, Co-Founder and Organizer for Right to Health Action (R2H), build a grassroots movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this mini case study, we sat down with members of R2H to learn more about the critical role that strategy and tactics play in their overall efforts.

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