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How can we put people power back into NGOs?

Housing justice organization Shelter in the UK has traditionally approached change through providing support services on the local level and advocacy on a national level. To build capacity for change on a wider scale, Jack Madden, Head of Campaigns- Organising at Shelter, has been working to bring organizing practices into the organization’s approach to change. Over the past 4 years, Jack and his team have built 11 local hubs of organizers, who are supporting people experiencing housing injustice to organize and win their housing rights.

Join us on Wednesday, May 17th 10am ET / 3pm GMT to learn about Shelter’s work on integrating organizing practices!

Jack will share the challenges, lessons, and successes around the organization’s journey in shifting to people-based organizing. We will explore questions such as: how do you bring about internal change, both strategically and culturally? And what does it take for an organization to truly adopt organizing in its approach to change?

This will be an interactive and reflective session, and we also want to hear about your experiences and challenges in bringing organizing into your organizations and movement spaces!

This session is free for LCN members, and members & guests of Shelter. If you are not a LCN member, the fee to attend the session is 10USD per individual. We provide scholarships upon request – you can request one by replying to this email.

About the speaker

Jack was born and grew up in the North East of England, in a small town called Darlington. Jack started out as a Community Organiser 10 years ago, working with a group called Movement for Change. He spent three years working across the UK with different communities, helping them build organising campaigns on the issues which mattered to them. Since then, Jack has worked in large NGOs in the UK, including Which?, Save the Children, and Shelter, bringing the organising practices he learned through LOA and as Teaching Fellow into advocacy and service delivery spaces. He now leads Shelter’s first ever team of Community Organisers, who work across England supporting people experiencing the housing emergency to tackle the housing issues affecting them, and bringing those people together into Shelter’s national campaigns.

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