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Have you ever had a good idea and didn’t share it with others? Or been part of a team where you couldn’t speak up with questions and concerns?

Fear of negative judgment or failure can discourage us from taking reasonable risks, lower our creativity and make us less persistence in the face of setbacks.

Creating psychological safety – a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking – is crucial in building strong teams that can adapt to, learn from, and overcome complex challenges that we face in our organizing work.

On May 5th, we will be joined by Randall Smith from PowerLabs to explore how we can enhance psychological safety within teams to build stronger and resilient teams and organizations. Join us to learn how we can enable our teams to “try, learn, and adapt” – through creating conditions that encourage people to take appropriate risks, and to learn from them effectively.

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  • What: How to enhance team learning with psychological safety
  • When: May 5th, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time
  • How: Click here to register

This is an open and free event, and everyone is welcome.

About the speaker

Randall Smith is the founder of PowerLabs. He specializes in helping clients use evidence-based approaches to building high participation people-powered campaigns. Organizations he has worked with include Dream Defenders, Forward Together, Free Press, IfNotNow, Movimiento Cosecha, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and Sunrise Movement. He is also a member of Momentum Research Council. Previously, Randall led a team that provided strategic support to user-generated campaigns on Change.org’s platform. His work at Change.org helped people win life-changing (and life-saving) victories including freeing loved ones from prison and changing the policies that govern lung transplants for kids. His team at Change.org garnered the company millions of dollars of earned media, and added millions of users to the platform. He also led the digital program at Corporate Accountability International, an international NGO that protects people and the environment from corporate abuses. He’s also worked in the immigrant rights movement and built tenant unions and trained thousands of people across the U.S. during the alter-globalization movement.