Marshall Ganz

Public Narrative: Online Course by Marshall Ganz (Videos)



Learn all about public narrative and the power of story through this series of videos from Marshall Ganz and the Resistance School.


Learn from Professor Marshall Ganz through this Resistance School course on the organizing skill of public narrative.
Professor Ganz outlines the goals of this session on public narrative.
Learn a new way to think about leadership that focuses on understanding your story, your relationship to others, and why now is the time to act.
Learn a theory of organizing based on shared stories, relationships, structures, strategies, and actions.
Learn about Professor Ganz’s personal journey through organizing and academia, and learn from the way he shares his own story of self.

Lesson 7: Public Narrative Example

Watch a powerful example of a public narrative and identify when the speaker is telling a story of self, a story of us, and a story of now.

Debrief the James Croft narrative with Professor Ganz as he identifies how the speaker so effectively communicated hope and called us to action.

Learn the important elements of coaching others to help them create their story of self.

Explore Further

For additional resources on public narrative and more online courses like this, check out the Resistance School.


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