How to Mobilize and Organize: Resistance School Course (Videos)

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A video course with seventeen lessons about electoral organizing, leadership, power, persuasion & mobilizing by the Resistance School.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sara El-Amine

Sara introduces herself and tells the powerful story that drove her to commit her life to political organizing.

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Course

Sara explains how institutions have held too much power for too long and she teaches us how to take that power back.

Lesson 3: Practical Tools for DIYmocracy

Learn how organizing is a skill that can be taught, through a combination of conceptual frameworks and practical tools, to build a ‘DIYmocracy’.

Lesson 4: What is Mobilizing?

Lots of political action today is focused on mobilization, but learn how this is only part of the picture when it comes to making change.

Lesson 5: What is Organizing?

Sara will teach you the components of organizing that make it so people have real power to make change.

Lesson 6: Electoral Organizing

Elections matter. In this lesson, learn how to organize to influence a local, state, or national election.

Lesson 7: Organizational Models of Leadership

The model of leadership you choose has a big impact on your success; learn how to structure your movement to organize effectively.

Lesson 8: Issue versus Electoral Advocacy

In addition to electoral organizing, it’s crucial to organize around the issues that make a difference. Learn why issue-based advocacy really matters.

Lesson 9: The Impact of Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign finance laws restrict how individuals and organizations can lobby for change. Learn how they can create barriers so you can overcome them.

Lesson 10: Persuading and Turning Out Voters

Learn how to identify voters in your electoral district, and then build a campaign around them.

Lesson 11: Who Should We Persuade?

Learn how to think strategically about persuading voters, by prioritizing and targeting your messages effectively.

Lesson 12: Where Do You Fit In?’

Understand how you could begin gathering and applying insights on voters in your district.

Lesson 13: Persuading Elected Officials

Once elections are over, you need to influence elected officials to realize change. Learn how to apply tactics from electoral organizing after elections have taken place.

Lesson 14: Persuasion Exercise

Take the opportunity to practice your persuasion skills, on an issue of your choosing.

Lesson 15: Persuasion Model and Feedback

Watch an audience volunteer have a persuasion conversation and learn from the debrief about what went well and what they could have improved.

Lesson 16: Inquire, Relate, Share

Learn more about the core framework for persuading effectively – inquiring, relating, and sharing.

Lesson 17: Takeaways and Conclusions

Sara wraps up the course, with a core message on the need to get out there and begin inquiring, relating, and sharing.



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