Coaching Moment – Dog Fresh Pond



Dog Video to describe what coaching practice is all about in simple 2 min watch

This video is a simple demonstration of what coaching a moment look like, how showing not telling always better in making everyone understand what we mean and connect with us.

When do we use this video?

In workshops, or classes when we first introduce the coaching concept to participants. We want to emphasize on the main purpose of coaching is not telling a person what to do but to make them realize it by themselves, and also to show is always better than tell

explaining what is happening in the video:  a white middle sized dog standing on a rock in a pond  is trying to jump of the rock but afraid no matter how people tried to show encouragement! until another dog jumped into the water showing that the water is not deep and it’s fun and easy to jump, the first dog got the courage to jump also and everyone started cheering!

Simple yet very effective!

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