Global Program Manager: hubs & individual membership

LCN is a community of organizers, educators, researchers, and organizations spanning a network across 75 countries, working to adapt and develop community organizing practices across the globe. We identify leadership, build community around that leadership, and enable them to creatively use resources they have to achieve the change they need. As a network organization, we aim to link the imaginative work of envisioning change with the relational work of organizing people, and the practical work of building structures that can sustain change. The Thematic and Regional hubs will play a critical role in achieving this vision, which is why the Global hubs and Expansion Lead role is particularly exciting and crucial in the coming years.

What will you be doing?

The Global hubs and Expansion Lead will take on the role of establishing LCN as a key actor within the human rights and justice space globally, through building, structuring, and nurturing the network of Thematic and Regional hubs. In practice, this will entail:

  • Organizing: We are looking for a motivated and experienced organizer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of organizing principles, the Ganz framework and experience organizing constituencies.
  • Strategic envisioning and planning: Define the roles and strategic direction for LCN hubs in coordination with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the LCN team. This includes formalizing the relationship between LCN and the hubs, Affiliates, and Member Organizations, actively learning from existing hubs and incorporating their input in the strategic direction and structure of the hubs.
  • Relationship building: Connect with existing and new hubs and leadership teams and support their recruiting and fundraising efforts. This includes attending meetings of the hubs and leadership teams and connecting them to other international and regional actors who can support their work. This will also include regular coaching of members and leadership teams. 
  • Seed new hubs: Identify new regions and thematic areas for establishing hubs and form strong leadership teams. This includes establishing the criteria, priorities, and logic for the expansion of LCN’s work through the available means with a focus on hubs. You will be responsible for moving them into action. 
  • Build the network effect: Connect hubs to each other and to other international and regional actors. This includes supporting the hubs in strengthening their mission and presence through connecting them to each other and to other international and regional actors.
  • Internal capacity building: Build the capacity in the LCN team to manage and grow the impact of the work done by hubs. This includes supporting the COO in related work on global expansion and strategy.

What you bring

We are seeking a candidate for this position who has exceptional organizing skills. A proven track record of effectively organizing within previous organizations is highly valued and will be given considerable merit during the selection process.

Merits for this position include: 

  • Passion and commitment to global justice, human rights, citizen empowerment and social change.
  • Knowledge of and experience using the community organizing framework developed by Marshall Ganz and associates is required.
  • Experience working within large membership organizations is merited. 
  • Experience in leading teams for collaborative work, whether in-person or remotely, including working with teams across different geographies and time zones. 
  • Ability to engage diverse audiences and build relationships across different cultural and social contexts.
  • Ability to lead and manage oneself, chart a clear path amidst uncertainty, and deliver results on short timelines. 
  • Strong English communication skills in all formats. Additional languages are a plus.

Where you will be working

LCN is a global virtual organization, with most of our work done over email, Google Workspace, Slack, and other communication technologies. This role is a virtual position that requires the ability to work with colleagues and partners in different time zones. Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats three times a year. 

Your commitment

Due to the nature of the role and its strategic importance, we are looking to engage someone who can commit 2 to 3 years towards building the foundations of LCN’s global hubs and outreach. This is not, however, a binding commitment but rather shows our intent towards committing to this strategic goal and role. 

  • Probationary period: 6 months
  • Weekly commitment: 40 hours

Your compensation

Salary varies with location and experience and will be negotiated individually. The compensation package is anchored against trends in the applicant’s home country to ensure a fair compensation structure across geographies.

How you can apply for this role

To apply for this role, please express your interest by filling out the application form available at the bottom of this page. We kindly request that you provide all the necessary information and attachments as specified in the application form.

This is an open position. We will be reviewing applications as they come in and will contact you if we are interested in moving forward with your candidacy. Please submit your application as soon as possible to give us the best chance to consider you.

We appreciate your interest in joining LCN and look forward to reviewing your application. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we wish you the best of luck with your application.

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