We’re excited to launch the second podcast in our new series Faces of Change with Marshall Ganz.

Throughout the world people who have accepted responsibility for leadership, their communities, and their allies are stepping up with courage and showing us that change is possible.

In Faces of Change, Marshall sits down with those leaders each month to explore how they were called to leadership, how they organize their communities, and how they’re building the power their people need to achieve real change.

This month Marshall meets Art Reyes III, the Executive Director of We the People-Michigan, a statewide multi-racial community organization that is building people-power for social and economic justice in Michigan.

Their mission is to transform the politics of Michigan from the ground up, moving away from simply mobilizing around elections, but by embedding the organizing infrastructure needed for people to shape politics from their community up.

In Marshall’s conversation with Art, we learn how he was called to organizing at an early age, and is leading an innovative — and challenging — effort in one of the most segregated states in America.

We also hear how mastery of the organizing craft grows form sustained learning across diverse domains, issues and communities, and what it takes for people to mobilize the power they need to shape their communities, their politics and their state.

Click below to stream:

Art joined us in 2019 to share the work of We The People on the ground in more detail – you can stream this here!