Are you working with data and passionate about how we use it to organize with greater impact?

We’re excited to announce that LCN is launching a new Data Learning Group.

The purpose of the LCN Data Learning Group is to share practices and skills with data practitioners and organizers needed to effectively use data analytics to inform and enhance community organizing programs. The group will meet 1-2x per quarter via video call to share struggles and successes from our work, and members will be encouraged to connect outside of group meetings to work through these challenges together. Examples of topics for discussion include (but are not limited to):

  • Practices for tracking and measuring training program outcomes at an aggregate and individual level to inform future trainings
  • Surveying your organization to identify barriers your constituents face to joining your movement or organization and taking leadership, including barriers across race, class, ability, etc.
  • Improving your field program using results from prior tactics
  • Making a path to victory on your campaign or issue
  • Database cleanup!

… and more.

Data Practitioners from social justice movements and nonprofits, as well as community organizers who hold significant responsibility for their organization’s data, are welcome to join this community. Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and members of other historically disenfranchised communities are especially welcome to join.

If interested, please contact Max Parish, Mothers Out Front Database Administrator at

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