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We live in interesting, and challenging, times.

There was the global financial crisis. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that felt like the biggest crisis…and now we see concerns of World War 3. And with the imminent challenge of climate change and the threats to democracy and human rights worldwide, it looks like we’re going to be living with crises for a very long time.

So as organizers, what can we do about this?

Join us on June 8th Wednesday, 10-12pm Central European Time / 6-8pm Australian Eastern Time for a special workshop on how organizers can prepare for crises by Steve Hughes from the European Community Organizing Network (ECON)!

Crises can be moments when our organizing plans are thrown out the window, groups fall apart, and communities become paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

Or, they can be opportunities to create wide scale change. Historically, movements for social change have made huge gains and wins in the face of crises. But these windows of opportunity are not open for organizers alone. We have seen dictators and authorities consolidate power during crises, using them to legitimize crackdown and oppression.

Crises open up opportunities that we can take advantage of – or not – and it’s up to us how ready we are to respond to them with agency, purpose, and strategy.

Co-organized by LCN and ECON for our members, this special workshop is intended to prepare organizers and communities to respond to crises in our organizing work. Based on the work by Grassroots Power Project and adapted by Steve Hughes, we will be tackling concrete scenarios of potential crises in small groups through guided questions. Join us to strengthen your muscles on how to respond to crises effectively!

  • What: Special Workshop: How Organizers Can Prepare for the Crises to Come
  • When: June 8th Wednesday 10am-12pm Central European Time / 1:30-3:30 India Time / 6-8pm Australian Eastern Time
  • How: Register below to claim your place (registration deadline: June 3rd Friday 11:59pm ET)
  • Who: LCN Members and ECON Members

About European Community Organizing Network (ECON)

ECON is a network of progressive movements, organizations, and groups engaged in community organizing in Europe towards social and environmental justice. ECON enables them to build people power, organizing capacity, strengthen international solidarity, and support the sustainability of the community organizing sector.


About Steve

Steve Hughes has over 20 years of experience working as a community, union, and political organizer in both the United States and Europe. He currently lives in Prague and works on several trans-European and transatlantic organizing initiatives. Tracing his roots to the US labor movement, he made the transition to political organizing in 2010 when he went to work for the Working Families Party (WFP). In 2014 he moved to Europe, but he continues to support US-based organizing at the WFP and has also taken a leadership role in developing the European Community Organizing Network, a hub for the community organizing sector in Europe. He has developed a community of practice with the organizers and movement educators of the Grassroots Policy Project, a movement support organization founded with the goal of shifting community organizing practice towards less-siloed, more transformative approaches. In this role, he serves as a link between the US and European organizing sectors.

We hope to see you on June 8th!

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