What we offer

Learning Organizing

Our approach to change is an adaptive pedagogy that equips people with the leadership skills and capacity to respond with the agency to the challenges of today. It is born out of decades of organizing experience, complemented by insights of social science, and tested through training campaigns on the ground.

Organizing is best learned through practice. However, it is a craft, and learning the fundamentals of our organizing pedagogy can help improve the practice. LCN’s members have years of experience teaching and training the craft of organizing both online and on the ground.

We share our global network’s years of learning from practice through online courses, workshops, and our resource center.

Coaching and Support

The Leading Change Network is rich with people who can support, coach and train you in launching campaigns, building organizations, and training others.

LCN has 220 coaches in more than 30 countries who have trained over 30,000 people in the past 5 years.

Our network is available to provide training in 20 different languages and can help you build the capacity of your organization and its membership.

To inquire and discuss training options please click the link “Request a Training or Coaching” at the bottom of the page.

Looking for coaching? Check out our Coaching and Support programme below.

LCN’s Coaching and Support program

Have you ever tried to launch a team, motivate others to join you, launch a campaign or build the organization? Have you ever felt that you would appreciate talking it through with someone who could listen and coach you through it?

We all have been there, and we all know how much coaching matters in building our capacity to cope with the challenges of organizing.

Coaching plays a critical role in the development of our practice by standing alongside us and providing empowering input and feedback as we step forward with our practice, reflect and learn from it.

Our highly skilled coaches are available to coach individual leaders or campaigns in public narrative, relationship building, structure, strategizing and action.

Free coaching clinic for LCN members

LCN provides its members with 20 minutes free per month and a reduced rate for additional coaching sessions.

Click here to register for a free coaching clinic.

Non-member and additional coaching

LCN also provides individual coaching sessions (subject to a fee) to people outside of our network too.

Click “Request a Training or Coaching” at the bottom of the page to inquire about an individual coaching session with one of our great coaches, or to discuss more tailored training or coaching options for your organization or campaign!

Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice supports online and offline spaces for our members to connect & learn from each other and experience on the ground.

Every day, all around the world, LCN members are developing leadership and organizing capacity for change in their various contexts.

They are organizing people to use their resources to build power, to achieve change that they deeply care about.

Our experience, from organizing in the field as well as in educating organizers, is one of our strongest learning resources to become more effective practitioners.

Our Community of Practice provides the space for members to:

  • Learn with and from one another by sharing their work and practice;
  • Experiment & innovate by exploring new approaches, adaptations of our pedagogy, tactics and strategies;
  • Build community and relationships with other organizers and educators trainers around the world doing real work on the ground. Find opportunities to exchange knowledge and collaborate with others.