Talks and Interviews with Marshall Ganz in 2021 – 2022



Keep up to date with Marshall Ganz - educator, organizer, and author. Here is a list of talks and videos featuring Marshall Ganz in 2021 - 2022.


Keep up to date with Marshall Ganz. Here is a list of talks and videos featuring Marshall Ganz in 2021 – 2022. This is a live list will grow throughout the year.

Democracy in America: Busy being born or busy dying? 2022 Mimi & Peter E. Haas Distinguished Visitor Lecture on Public Service (Video 1:32:05 mins) Jan 2022

Marshall Ganz delivered the Mimi and Peter E. Haas Distinguished Visitor Lecture on Public Service on January 12, 2022. Following the lecture, he was joined by Sandra Bass, associate dean of students and director of the Public Service Center at UC Berkeley, to have a conversation and answer questions from Stanford students and members of the public. Educator, organizer, and author Marshall Ganz is the Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organizing and Civil Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He teaches, researches, and writes on leadership, narrative, strategy, and organization in social movements, civic associations, and politics. As a young man he spent 16 years with the United Farm Workers, gaining experience in union, political, and community organizing and serving on the national executive board. Later he worked with grassroots groups to develop new organizing programs and designed innovative voter mobilization strategies for local, state, and national electoral campaigns. He was instrumental in the design of the grassroots organization for the 2008 Obama for President campaign. Ganz has published in the American Journal of Sociology, American Political Science Review, American Prospect, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review and elsewhere. His most recent book, Why David Sometimes Wins: Leadership, Organization and Strategy in the California Farm Worker Movement earned the Michael J. Harrington Book Award of the American Political Science Association. He holds an MPA and PhD from Harvard.

Public Policy in Practice with Elizabeth Vale and Veteran Activist & Social Organizer, Marshall Ganz (Video 1:24:08 mins) Jan 2022

Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania Distinguished Fellow Elizabeth Vale talks with Marshall Ganz about how he found his calling in community organizing through his work with the Mississippi Summer Project in 1964, and his inspiring path to leadership development as a senior lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government.

Professor Ganz’s words to Ahel in the 20th year, 03:11 mins, Nov 2021

Prof. Marshall Ganz is a Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organizing and Civil Society at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard. These are his words in the 10-year-anniversary of establishing Ahel


The Strength and Curse of Community Organizing, 1:01 mins, Oct 2021

Organizing communities of color, working people, the disaffected, and politicos on the left and right has lit up our politics – from protests around George Floyd to the January 6th mobilization. What separates these different forms of organizing and are they improving public life or threatening it? A leading progressive organizer – Marshall Ganz – reflects on the high points of success, disappointments, and disasters. Damon Shoholm will discuss community organizing in Minnesota.

Marshall Ganz and the Regeneration of our Community, 52:39 mins, Oct 2021, Radio Tipping Point

To develop local regenerative communities, where all the parts of nature thrive, including the inhabitants, we need to mobilize big time. Enter Marshall Ganz.


United to Heal: A Conversation with Marshall Ganz, 29:06 mins, May 2021

Mandy Hartz, UNAC/UHCP Membership Engagement Director, talks about resilience, healing and claiming power with renowned scholar and union activist Marshall Ganz, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.



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