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Learn about Docutribe, a not for profit, creating social change through the power of storytelling and filmmaking

About docutribe

docutribe is a non-profit New York-based organization founded in 2006 and relaunched in 2016 by Cecily Tyler dedicated to activating social impact through the power of storytelling and filmmaking. Through teaching the tools and process of filmmaking and technology, we help filmmakers and their communities activate social change at the hyper local level and to tell their stories at the national or even international levels.

How it Works

We ignite social change by bringing cameras and technology to communities.

To make this happen docutribe produces films, new media projects and organizes events that explore artistic and cultural traditions in different communities globally. Through the process of producing a storyline or film, we seek to help give voice to and develop visions of positive social change within the communities. Our projects are intended to expose to a broad audience the voices of hope and wisdom that can translate into real social change.


Check out how docutribe uses storytelling to create change here.

  • Documenting storytelling: how to leverage stories, and innovation to create social change .This is used as a globally open-source document.
  • The video essay as a tool for Teaching and Learning


docutribe is an LCN organizational member, you can reach out to Cecily Tyler to learn more or connect via email

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