As we face physical distancing, how do we effectively organize online to enable our communities to shape the emerging world?

We invite you to join us next week for our next webinar on organizing our communities online.

We’ll be joined by LCN member Natasa Danilovic from Serbia on the Move, who will share an example of how they are using online strategies to build community & organizational capacity in response to COVID-19.

The session aims to explore effective online organizing from all around the world by drawing on our individual and collective experiences. To achieve this we are planning the session to be highly interactive, with break out sessions and small groups discussions.

Some of the topics we’ll covering include:

  • Building relationships online
  • Engaging and recruiting new people online
  • Developing leadership and capacity online

Come and join us on Thursday 16th April (11:00-12:30pm EDT) for our second webinar to explore examples of how we can effectively exercise our leadership practices in organizing online.

The webinar is free and open to everyone

Click here to register!

In solidarity

Uyen, Art, Rawan, Marina, Ana, Sachiko and James
LCN’s COVID-19 leadership team

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