This International Seminar will close the project Narratives4change. Capitalising Public Narratives in the organising of Grassroots Roma Women (Marie S-Curie Action, H2020, Project Nr. 841335) run between 2019 and 2022 and led by Dr. Emilia Aiello at the Harvard Kennedy School (host institution, with Prof. Marshall Ganz), and at the Department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (home institution, with Prof. Teresa Sordé).  

The seminar is aimed at opening the dialogue about what are the current challenges and opportunities regarding organizing of Roma women at the Spanish and European level, mainly in both the field of education and the field of health and gender violence prevention. For this, we will count on the participation of Roma and non-Roma people from the field of academia, policy and civil society who are working at the intersections of local, regional, and European level to advance the rights of the Roma community as well as other at-risk groups. 

The seminar will be structured in two main parts. The first one, to be run in English, will count on speakers from the policy, advocacy, and academic sphere, all of them working at the European level with the Roma community. They will share their viewpoints about what is the state of the art of the Roma in Europe, and what is the role that Roma women are playing to contest situations of inequalities. Specifically, speakers will be asked to share their expertise and work about how European institutions working with the Roma people are helping to facilitate Roma and Roma women organizing at the national and grassroots level, and how this is impacting on contesting situations of social exclusion. 

The second part of the seminar, to be run in Spanish, will be focused on sharing the viewpoints of those working towards advancing the rights of Roma women in Spain and beyond. It will bring in the voices of Roma women leaders, researchers, and stakeholders from the policy field, who have for long organized and/or conducted scientific research in the field of education and health. This part of the seminar will discuss the Spanish case, reflecting on how Roma women are opening spaces for social transformation in education and health. 

The seminar will be run online, and for each roundtable time for the debate will be ensured. 

When: 21 June 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET (Online)

How: Click here to register

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