Post contribution by LCN Member: Tara Dickman, Le Next Level

In Le Next Levels’s #OpenSource sessions, organizers and movement leaders share their experience, expertise and lessons learned with other organizers and movement leaders in order to help them tackle the issues they may be facing. These sessions are open to members of organizations who are currently or have been coached by Le Next Level.

Last session brought together about 15 participants with Marshall Ganz and Céline Lebrun-Shaath, to exchange knowledge and ideas on a variety of issues and challenges in their organizing work with Muslim women, young adults who have exited the foster care system, teens who are discriminated against in their access to public schools, and youth with a transclass trajectory. Among the key takeaways that emerged from this conversation are: building a strong base with clear structure and norms before reaching out to allies, making sure there is no buy-in without clarity on what it involves, facing reality and being willing to redesign structure when it is no longer serving our goals, and being explicit about roles.

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