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Our first Workers Movement Group meetup of 2020 will be held on Monday 10th February 2020 (8:00am US EDT).

We’ll be joined by Dalia Mahdi from Vision Union (Sweden) to explore the Swedish model of union organizing, while at the same time developing leaders to tackle climate change.

Dalia will discuss the Swedish Model and how the structure of her union allows for leadership development and climate action in particular.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join the discussion – register here.

About Dalia Mahdi

Dalia Eid is a member of the board of Vision Union in Sweden. Union Vision organizes almost 200,000 members in municipalities, the hospital sector and private companies that are publicly funded. She first joined Vision Union in 2012 and became an organizer after she was called to do something about the working conditions she and her colleagues experienced in the social services sector.