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  • Date: Thursday March 7, 2019
  • Time: 11am-12:30pm EST (4-5:30pm GMT)
  • Location: Online on Zoom
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Come learn about Volt, a pan-European, progressive movement that is bringing a grassroots and truly inclusive approach to politics in the European Union! A citizens-centric movement, committed to bringing forth real change for the betterment of all European societies, its citizens and residents.
Through a grassroots approach to politics, and the collective action of our members (Volters), our aim is to change and shape politics from a local level to regional, national and European level.
To do this, we have founded – and will continue to found – political parties in different European member states, to run for elections at a local, national and European level. This parties will run under the same set of values, political guidelines, and objective.
Learn more about this movement, how it started, how it is growing and where it aims to go.
Register here: https://leadingchangenetwork.org/event/volt-member-campaign-showcase/