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Building on the success of our July Skill Practice Session on Story of Self, we will develop and receive coaching on our Story of Us! 

Crafting a compelling Story of Us can be challenging, especially when addressing a group of individuals we have just met. As we understand that leadership involves empowering others, we realize that our public narrative must adapt to different Us’s, seeking shared experiences, values, and sources of inspiration. This session offers a valuable opportunity to deepen our storytelling skills and elevate our Story of Us.

This session, exclusively for LCN members, had limited seats. We are grateful for everyone who has registered. If you would like to attend future skill practice sessions, please fill out the form below, and we will notify you of our next sessions!

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We are delighted to announce that this session will be facilitated by LCN members Sadie Dean and Dominique Cantwell from the US. They will be joined by experienced coaches within our network: Tejas Motwani from India, Reem Khashman from Jordan, Lacey Connelly from the US, and Céline Lebrun Shaath from Franc

About the facilitators:

Dominique Cantwell is Executive Director of Bainbridge Performing Arts, a Teaching Fellow for Harvard’s LSA Public Narrative course, and board member at Scripps College. As a seasoned fundraiser, non-profit strategist, and board leadership facilitator she has supported countless organizations in their community-building efforts. As a mom, maker, and occasional beekeeper in Seattle, she’s also a big fan of sunshine and naps.




Sadie Dean is a racial justice advocate native to the Tampa Bay area. Her interest in political theory and movement work peaked while attending the University of Florida. Sparked by 2016 elections and the subsequent rise of hate crimes and criminalization within the Black community, Sadie co-founded the Restorative Justice Coalition; a Central Florida based advocacy organization that focuses on community healing and education through the implementation of restorative practices within the criminal justice system, municipal policy and day to day interactions. Following her introduction to public narrative in the Harvard Kennedy School in 2019, Sadie has centered much of her organizing efforts in coaching and training elected officials and organizers across the nation in public narrative and effective movement building strategies. She continues to support her local community through grassroot community healing efforts in her free time.