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Leaders and organizers around the world are using public narratives to enable leadership and move communities to action. Since 2006, the practice has been taught to more than 32,000 people in 25 countries working across domains ranging from healthcare, education, and politics.

Join us on Nov 17th to learn how public narrative is being used in diverse cultural, geographic and institutional contexts around the world!

In the event, Dr. Emilia Aiello will present findings from the 2020 Public Narrative Impact Survey that explores how public narrative is being used by individuals as a leadership practice within different domains, and the impact it has had on leadership development at the individual, community, societal, and institutional level.

We will be joined by a panel of speakers who will share how they are using public narrative in their work and communities:

  • Chuck Seaca from the Alaska Humanities Forum in the United States, working with youth and Indigenous communities in Alaska
  • Florence Kayemba from Stakeholder Democracy Network in Nigeria, building public engagement on issues driving and enabling conflict in the oil rich region of the Niger Delta
  • Marina Pavlic from Serbia on the Move and Kreni-Promeni in Serbia, organizing and mobilizing communities in campaigns on issues ranging from health policy to cultural norms

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  • What: Public Narrative in action: findings from the 2020 Public Narrative Impact Survey
  • When: November 17th Wednesday 11:30am – 1:00pm Eastern Time
  • How: Register by clicking here (Registration deadline: November 16th 11:59pm ET)

This event is open and free for everyone.

About Emilia

Emilia Aiello is Marie Sklodowska-Curie Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Ash Center) & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Sociology Department). Prior to HKS, Dr. Aiello obtained her BA in Political Sciences, a Master’s degree in Labour and Social Policy, and a PhD in Sociology (2016), all of them developed at the UAB. She is also a research affiliate of the Group of Ethnic Studies and Migration (GEDIME) at the UAB, and member of the CREA research network, the Community of Researchers on Excellence for All (CREA). Emilia’s research interests are focused on how the most vulnerable social groups organize at the grassroots level in order to overcome inequalities. Besides, her scientific and personal concern also focuses on uncovering the ways to maximize the social impact of all types of scientific research -better connecting scientific interests and outputs to societal needs.


We look forward to learning together with you on November 17th!

In Solidarity,

The LCN Team