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Bending the Arc

Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Ophelia Dahl, Todd McCormack, and Thomas White began a movement in the 1980s that changed global health forever.

How to Survive a Plague

In the late 1980s, members of Act-Up and other AIDS activists battle hostility and indifference to bring attention to the disease and try to reduce the number of victims while hoping to lead the drive to find a cure.

Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination

Description The Black Panther Party's health activism--its network of free health clinics, its campaign to raise awareness about genetic disease, and its challenges to medical discrimination--was an expression of its founding political philosophy and also a recognition that poor blacks

How Vot-ER organized the Pennsylvania healthcare community to register voters (Case Study)

During the 2020 election, Vot-ER mobilized 35+ health professionals to actively lead voter registration efforts through a dedicated Organizing Campaign pilot. The group's combined efforts reached at least 9,800 voters throughout Pennsylvania, all during a highly contested—and high-stakes—election. In this case study, we show you exactly how they did it.

Stephanie Aines (Video)

Stephanie Aines shares in this video about his experience as a volunteer with community organizing groups and facilitating trainings on grassroots youth leadership.

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