Strategic Messaging: Resistance School Course (Videos)

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A video course about strategic messaging by Anat Shenker-Osorio by the Resistance School.

An Introduction to Messaging

Anat introduces her argument for the goal of progressive messaging.



Anat begins her lesson by explaining the importance of context in progressive messaging.



Anat gives examples of framing and explains its importance in an effective conversation.


The Power of Words

Anat discusses the importance of words and their associations in messaging and describes the key takeaways from the session so far.


Common Messaging Error

In this lesson, Anat discusses common progressive messaging mistakes.


People Do Things

Anat teaches the audience how to spot and correct mistakes in their own messages using her “people do things” rule.



In this lesson, Anat discusses the tendency for progressive messages to contain hedging and how it takes away from the overall point of the message.



Anat describes the value of metaphors in an effective message and their value to the context that people use to interpret a progressive idea.


Group Exercise

Anat challenges the audience to complete a group exercise to assess what they have learned and test their ability to change a message so that it is more effective.


The Best Messengers

Anat teaches us the importance of appealing to the base of our supporters to create a message that will spread.


The Importance of Phrasing

Anat shares data from her research and highlights the important role phrasing and word choice play in the way people perceive a message.


An Effective Message and Conclusion

Anat summarizes what makes a good message and reaffirms the changes that need to be made to progressive messages.


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