Resistance Bootcamp and Organizer Training by Americans Take Action (Videos and slides)



A training course including videos and presentations slides by Americans Take Action about resistance and organizing

Watch videos directly below or from the Full Video Playlist.

Each video comes with accompanying presentation slides.

1. Theory of Change: How to Resist


(24:04 mins – Video)

12 Slides as PDF

2. Hero’s Journey: Motivating Action by Telling Your Story

(27:20 mins – Video)

13 slides as PDF

3. Words that Win: Strategic Communications

(1:02:24 mins -Video)

No slides

4. Grand Strategy: Planning for Victory

(41:21 mins – Video)

15 slides as PDF

5. Built to Scale: Building Teams to Take Action

(44:48 mins – Video)

16 slides as PDF


The training is influenced by Marshall Ganz’s public narrative framework with insights from:

  • Why Civil Resistance Works (Chenoweth/Stephan),
  • This is an Uprising (Engler/s),
  • From Dictatorship to Democracy (Sharp), and
  • Patterns of Conflict (Boyd via Bill Moyer).