Public Narrative at the Girls 20 Leadership Forum 2020 [Training Video]



A public narrative training about story of self, us and now led by Tanvi Girotr held at the Girls Leadership Forum in 2020.


“Public Narrative is a leadership craft through which we translate values into action. The Public Narrative model, originally developed by renowned community organizer and Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Dr. Marshall Ganz, is rooted in decades of organizing experience and informed by insights from social science and teaching in diverse contexts. By engaging the ‘head’ and the ‘heart,’ each participant will learn to tell their own story (a story of self), and will learn the theory behind how to also tell stories of us and now. They will go through a journey of exploring their childhood memories and searching for moments of agency that built their value system growing up, which in turn helps them make mindful choices as women and as leaders today.

Public Narrative is a leadership course developed and taught at the Harvard Kennedy School by Dr. Marshall Ganz. This pedagogy has been built by Dr. Ganz and Sarah El Raheb-Dagher. This workshop has been adapted for this audience by Tanvi Girotra.” – Source: FORA Network Webinars

Story of Self by trainer, Tanvi Girotra – starts at 20:52 mins

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