Leading Change: Leadership, Organization and Social Change (English & Japanese) — 社会変化を導くリーダーシップ、組織、社会運動(和訳)



A comprehensive exploration of leadership in social movements by a leading community organizing thinker. Marshall Ganz outlines Leadership Practices: Relationship, Story, Strategy, Action; Structuring Social Movements; and Leadership Development. This resource is in English, with Japanese translation available. 著名なコミュニティ・オーガナイジングの思想家マーシャル・ガンツ博士による社会運動におけるリーダーシップについての資料(英語)とその和訳です。関係構築・ナラティブ・戦略・アクション・社会運動構造・リーダーシップ開発のリーダーシップ・プラクティスについてまとめた文書となっています。


In this chapter from the Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice (Ed. Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana. Harvard Business School Press, 2010, 509-550) Harvard Kennedy School lecturer and life-long social activist Marshall Ganz describes how leadership in social movements is distinct from leadership in organizations. He finds that the role of leadership in social movements extends well beyond the stereotypical charismatic public personas with whom they are often identified. He investigates social movement leadership and the volatile context in which motivational, relational, strategic, and action skills–and the capacity to develop these skills in others–play key roles. Who are social movement leaders? Where does social movement leadership come from, and why? How do leaders of social movements help others develop a personal story that connects and commits them to the movement? This chapter explores these questions by analyzing historic examples of social movements–from the Biblical story of Moses leading his people out of Egypt, to the American Civil Rights movement, the farm workers’ movement, and the women’s movement.

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Leading Change: Leadership, Organization and Social Change (English)

Leading Change: Leadership, Organization and Social Change (Japanese) – 社会変化を導くリーダーシップ、組織、社会運動