How Vot-ER organized the Pennsylvania healthcare community to register voters (Case Study)



During the 2020 election, Vot-ER mobilized 35+ health professionals to actively lead voter registration efforts through a dedicated Organizing Campaign pilot. The group's combined efforts reached at least 9,800 voters throughout Pennsylvania, all during a highly contested—and high-stakes—election. In this case study, we show you exactly how they did it.


Most voters in the United States recall how close the 2020 election really was. They might also remember the critical role that Pennsylvania voters played in determining the overall outcome. The Vot-ER campaign played a compact but determined role in those elections, helping to register more than 9,800 patients to vote. Of course, the outcome of the election is now history.

Regardless, the thousands upon thousands of conversations that comprise this unique campaign, alongside the sustained efforts around community organizing within the Pennsylvania healthcare system, provide us with many important lessons. Read the Vot-ER case study to learn about how the leadership team built and executed its campaign roadmap.

About Vot-ER

Vot-ER is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to integrate civic engagement into healthcare. They develop nonpartisan civic engagement tools and programs for every corner of the healthcare system—from private practitioners to medical schools to hospitals.

Their work is driven by a community of health care professionals, organizers, clinical students, and technologists united by a common vision: healthy communities powered by inclusive democracy.

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How Vot-ER organized the Pennsylvania healthcare community to register voters

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