How to Have Engaging Conversations: Resistance School Course (Videos)

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A video course by the Resistance School about how to have engaging conversations and increase the effectiveness of your message.

Introduction to Course

Aquiles introduces the course by explaining what you’ll learn and what you need to do to complete the course.


How Do You “Show Up” in Conversations?

Aquiles asks you to think about a specific conversation you had and to think about it critically so you can determine how you “showed up.”


The Framework

Aquiles teaches and goes through all four steps of the engaging conversation framework.


Seeing it in Action!

Watch a real-life example as Aquiles meets with Jason, a volunteer leader, and demonstrates how to have an engaging conversation.


Wrap Up and Next Steps

Aquiles debriefs his conversation with Jason and goes over the final takeaways you need to remember so you can have your own engaging conversation.


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