How to Communicate Your Values: Resistance School Course (Videos)

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A video course about how to claim our history, communicate our values, and change the world. by the Resistance School.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course

Professor Tim McCarthy introduces the idea that we are living in a “movement moment” and sets the stage for the course.


Lesson 2: Intro to Resistance and Three Objectives

Professor McCarthy introduces three key topics for the course: how to claim our history, communicate our values, and change the world.


Lesson 3: Claiming Our History

We first need to ground ourselves in history in order to trace the roots and evolution of our values.


Lesson 4: Five Steps for Communicating Our Values

In addition to claiming our history and drawing inspiration from American protest tradition, values are essential for social change.


Lesson 5: Step 1: Naming our non-negotiables

Learn how to identify and define your “non-negotiables” in this lesson.


Lesson 6: Step 2: Finding our frames

Frames are mental models that exist in our brain; learn how to use frames to tap into the world we want to move to.


Lesson 7: Step 3: Integrating our elements

Learn what logos, ethos, and pathos means and how to integrate them into your communication.

Lesson 8: Step 4: Sharing our stories

We are social creatures and our brains are hardwired for stories; learn how to develop a stable of stories.


Lesson 9: Step 5: Broadening our base

Practice all of these steps together with friends and colleagues to become effective communicators.


Lesson 10: Takeaways and Conclusions

Watch this final lesson to learn how to bring all lessons together.



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