How to Build Relationships: One on One Conversations – Resistance School Course (Videos)

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A video course by the Resistance School about how to identify leaders through one on one conversations, building capacity within groups, and achieving effective action over time.


Watch this online course about building relationships and one on one (1:1) conversations from The Resistance School.

Lesson 1: Luis Intro and Story of Self

Luis describes the power of relationship-building by telling his own story and outlines the goals of the course; to discover the role of relationships in movements for change and to learn best practices for one-on-one conversations.

Lesson 2: Types of Relationships

Learn the characteristics of transformational, private, and public relationships and how organizers think about each differently.

Lesson 3: Ways to Build Relationships

Identify some common tools that the best organizers use to cultivate relationships around a common purpose.

Lesson 4: Introducing one-on-one conversations

Understand the role that one-on-one conversations play in creating and maintaining movements for change.


Lesson 5: One-on-ones – Relationship Building

Learn how to build connections by telling your story, by asking genuine questions about the person’s life and then actively listening to their responses.

Lesson 6: One-on-ones – Identify their self-Interest

Learn tools to discover the person’s self-interest in meeting with you so that you can later help them turn their self-interest into action.

Lesson 7: One-on-ones – Make an Ask

Identify three types of common “asks” and learn best practices for when and how to make them.

Lesson 8: Example from Audience Member

Analyze and learn from an ask that an audience member makes of Luis.

Lesson 9: Checking in After a One-on-One Conversation

Checking in with your volunteers after an initial one-on-one is crucial. Learn different methods to check in and debrief on your volunteers’ progress.

Lesson 10: Using One-on-Ones to Empower

Learn different ways to empower your volunteers to take on a larger role – but only if they are ready and want it!

Lesson 11: Takeaways and Close-out

Review the process that organizers use to have effective one-on-one conversations.