House Meeting Handbook: Harnessing the Power of Personal Networks and Storytelling to build Leadership and Support for your Campaign

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The goal of this handbook is to help you build leadership, power, and the commitment to win your campaign with the help of house meetings.


This handbook is divided up into three sections.

  • The first section gives a background to house meetings: We look at what a house meeting is, why one might choose this tactic, and how they use certain frameworks, such as Public Narrative.
  • The second section details the Action Cycle: a process of planning, preparing, and acting towards the completion of a successful house meeting. Each step will also be accompanied by a follow-up.
  • The third and final section is a resource library.

We have tried to cover as many resources as possible to make your house meeting and campaign a success. House meetings are more than just gatherings. They’re places where communities express their commitments to shared values and strategy. This guide will help you plan, prepare, and facilitate house meetings so that more people in your community commit to organizing for the world you believe in.

The content of this handbook was developed by LCN Europe, under the authorship of Masha Burina and Benedict Hugosson, with inputs from Mais Irqsusi, Marina Pavlic, Jens Kristian Rasmussen, and Zoe Langer. The guide draws heavily from Marshall Ganz’s organizing framework, as well as a diverse number of resources found in the LCN Resource Center. In particular, we have drawn heavily on materials from campaigns and organizations such as the California Advocates United to Save Education, the 2008 Obama campaign and the New Organizing Institute. We would like to thank our designer Zoe Langer. Wow! Thank you also Joy Cushman, Marshall Ganz and Nisreen Haj Ahmad for your valuable feedback.

House meetings utilize the power of personal networks and public narrative to build relationships, energize supporters, and persuade those who might be interested in becoming more engaged to step up and take action.


Key Resources include:

House Meeting Planning Document – pg.56
Recruitment List form – pg. 68
Sample agenda – pgs 61 – 62
Recruitment scripts – pgs 63-64

Story of Self Worksheet – pgs 66 – 67
Story of Us Worksheet – pgs 68 – 70
Story of Now Worksheet – pg 71

Sign in sheets – pg 72 – 73
Commitment sheet – pg 74

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House Meeting Handbook: Harnessing the power of Personal Networks and Storytelling to build leadership and support for your campaign

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